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The other day a friend said she was experiencing heightened anxiety which confused her as there was no reason she knew of that she was fearful of. But when she took a good look at her life she realised that there were many stressful things going on for her at the time. Buying a house, moving, work commitments and developing another career. Most of those activities belong to the most stressful we can experience. So it seemed like although there was no ‘real’ reason for anxiety, the incredible pressure of the combined stresses were resulting in feelings of anxiety, in other words, ending up as fear.

So how does stress end up as fear? The answer to this lies in how our body responds to stress. When stress levels increase to beyond what is manageable the body starts to interpret these as a threat to our life and triggers its survival responses – one of which is fear = anxiety.

If you would like to reduce your stress levels and keep them low, why not come to one of my stress-management workshops? For information on next workshops see mental health workshops where you can also apply online.

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Therapy - what is it?

Therapy takes place in a safe space where clients can express difficult thoughts and feelings. I, as the therapist accept the client as they are, without judgement, and always strive to be real with them. Through self-exploration an understanding develops of where the client’s feelings stem from, possibly as far back as their childhood. Emotions (feelings) such as anger, fear, guilt and shame experienced often and intensely over extended periods of time are indicators of bad mental health. I support my clients in finding more positive ways of managing their thoughts and feelings. With higher self-awareness and inner resilience clients are able to change the way they interact with themselves and others. This in turn results in improved relationships and enhanced emotional well-being.

All the best


Daniela Nicol, Dipl Couns