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Going to a workshop involves meeting new people and going to new places – just the things that may increase your anxiety. So it’s almost like a vicious cycle, you would like to make changes, yet it feels too scary to do so. If anxiety is taking over your life, then making that first step may be challenging but so worth it.

Facilitated by experienced psychotherapist Daniela Nicol, the workshop group is encouraged to create an environment in which participants can feel safe to share their thoughts and feelings. Many say it’s comforting to know that others feel and think the same.

This workshop gives participants a clear understanding of anxiety, how and why it is triggered and its effect on our bodies. By gaining a better insight into anxiety we are able to learn how to identify thoughts and feelings that make it increase.  This ‘from the inside’ approach is likely to have a more long-lasting effect than stress-management tools on their own.

AnxietyParticipants are also introduced to simple Mindfulness relaxation techniques that are highly effective in reducing anxiety. In the safety of a closed, non-judgemental group, we can share our experiencing and feelings. This helps to understand our emotional and historical links to anxiety.

The workshop contains elements of the following therapeutic models and techniques:

  • PCA (Person-Centred Approach)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness

Workshop Facilitator

Daniela Nicol, a qualified and experienced counsellor, developed a series of mental health workshops aimed at addressing issues that often come up in her counselling sessions. She has been delivering these workshops in a range of settings such as companies, schools, colleges, adult learning centres, drug addiction centres and mental health institutions obtaining noticeable results. The workshops on assertiveness and team-building are particularly effective for use in commercial settings.  for information on forthcoming events

Here are some quotes by previous participants which may give you an idea of what to expect:

The environment was relaxed and I felt safe and valued in the space. I also felt the content was relevant and informative.
I felt I was listened to and understood.







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Therapy - what is it?

Therapy takes place in a safe space where clients can express difficult thoughts and feelings. I, as the therapist accept the client as they are, without judgement, and always strive to be real with them. Through self-exploration an understanding develops of where the client’s feelings stem from, possibly as far back as their childhood. Emotions (feelings) such as anger, fear, guilt and shame experienced often and intensely over extended periods of time are indicators of bad mental health. I support my clients in finding more positive ways of managing their thoughts and feelings. With higher self-awareness and inner resilience clients are able to change the way they interact with themselves and others. This in turn results in improved relationships and enhanced emotional well-being.

All the best

Daniela Nicol, Dipl Couns